At O‑Hemp, we’re all about bringing you wholesome ingredients for a better life. Founded in 2016, O‑Hemp manufactures and distributes hemp‑based food, health and lifestyle products using sustainable, smart and natural ingredients.

Plant-Based Protein

More than 25% of hemp’s total calories are derived from high‑quality, plant‑based protein


The hemp plant is highly resistant to most insects and disease, largely eliminating the need for most (or all) pesticides and herbicides 


Hemp can be sprinkled on food or baked into oatmeal, bread, and casseroles without losing the nutritional value of the seed

O‑Hemp is a brand of LiveWell Foods Canada Inc. — a wholesome food manufacturing and sustainable agricultural company whose functional foods and functional food ingredients offer scientific‑based health benefits.

As agricultural technologies and nutrition science continue to advance, LiveWell Foods Canada Inc. and its brands are supported by over 90 years of combined harvesting experience. We are focused on optimizing the bioavailability of our food products mdash; i.e. the degree to which nutrients are absorbed and used in our bodies.

For this reason, we are mindful about how our products have been grown, cultivated, handled, prepared, and packaged to maximize freshness, quality and flavour.

Feel Fuller, Faster

Hemp protein and fibre help you feel fuller, faster (this helps curb the urge to snack more than you need to)


Hemp is a plant of major economic importance, as it can also be used to produce personal care products, textiles, paper, construction materials, oils and sustainable fuel

Onward and Upward

The hemp industry has grown by more than 60% in North America since 2002 and is expected to exceed one billion dollars by 2025 globally

Why Hemp?

There are plenty of companies that offer what they believe to be healthy, convenient snacks. O‑Hemp’s main ingredient, hemp seeds, is a functional food that offers extreme nutrition.

Hemp is rich in easily‑digested protein (all 10 essential amino acids) and high in fibre. Hemp contains essential healthy dietary fats: omega‑3, omega‑6 and Gamma Linolenic Acid (GLA).

Hemp foods also contain essential vitamins and minerals such as calcium, magnesium, zinc, iron, potassium and phosphorous which are required for normal body function and development as well as disease prevention.